Grandpa look at me,
I’m flying.

Why It’s So

Don’t let our American aviation history, your legacy, end in a dusty box in your attic.

When our loved ones – or we who remember – are no longer here, who will tell their story? Your story? Who is going to inspire our children and grandchildren with the deeds of past accomplishment, of the life experiences that inspired you?

We have lost much of the art of handing down our family legacies in stories. Yet now, more than ever before, we need to encourage our younger generations and instill a sense of pride in them for the achievements of our ancestors. It is vitally important that you weave in your family’s part into the tapestry of our rich American air history.

The Yanks Air Museum Foundation is introducing the Remember and Inspire program. It provides you with the means to share and commemorate your or your loved one’s accomplishments within a world-class, Smithsonian-recognized air museum located in Monterrey County, California. Now you can create your or your Honoree’s “Legacy Profile,” filled with treasured photographs, audio recordings, videos and written stories of achievement, of adventure, know-how and courage. The Remember and Inspire program will forever connect feats with faces and tales of derring-do directly with the legendary aircraft that made them come to life.

Don’t let your family’s legacy stories fade away.